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Our range of milk coolers SERAP - Experts in milk cooling solutions Closed milk coolers from 550 to 30,000 Liters capacities FIRST.SE MILK COOLER FIRST.SC MILK COOLER Vertical milk cooler from 10,000 to 40,000 Liters capacities The RAINBOW washing cabinet Open milk coolers from 300 to 2,000 Liters capacities FIRST.S MILK COOLER FIRST.SU MILK COOLER Energy savings during milk cooling ECOTEMP SERATEMP HRU : Heat Recovery Units MILK PRE-COOLING Mobile closed milk cooler Instant milk cooling systems Opticool: Cool, Save, Preserve Milk can cooler Our solar solutions for milk cooling MyRAINBOW : the remote monitoring app for your milk cooler
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Our expertise in wine-making Projects Our range of wine-making tanks Wine-making and storage vessels ST truncated tank SC cylindrical tank Compartmented tank SP parallelepipedic tank SE elliptical tank Wine storage tanks Thermal treatment units Mobile Tank Punching down trolley Walkways for wine-making units Heat exchangers Grape harvest cooling tunnel
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Our expertise in industrial process equipment Our equipment for industrial processing
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Our cryogenic freezing equipment Our cryogenics expertise Cryo tunnel - ZF3 Cryogenic tunnel - CFP Cryo immersion unit - CFV First Freeze cooling tunnel Our partner AIR LIQUIDE
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Route de Fougères
53120 Gorron

TEL. +33 (0)2 43 08 49 49
FAX +33 (0)2 43 08 66 19


In order to develop and manufacture products that are as demanding as stainless steel tanks ? with heat exchange for fragile and complex products such as milk and wine, to abide by the rules and restrictions of environmental standards and to meet the high quality standards expected by our customers, SERAP currently needs expertise in 100 different specialist trades, and all this within a global context.

The Group's HR policy focuses entirely on meeting the need for a number of demanding skills through continuing training and adaptation of employees' skills to changing trades.

As an industrial company, SERAP also aims to constantly improve working and health and safety conditions within the company.

Staff motivation is underpinned by the Group's decision to open up the capital to its workforce more than 25 years ago. Today employees hold 35% of its capital and play a part in its achievements. SERAP has a strong profit-sharing culture and operates both discretionary and mandatory profit-sharing plans.

These people-focused policies at work within SERAP have had a hand in developing strong corporate values and a spirit of wellness within the workplace.


We operate a continuous training policy and support our staff in the development of their skills and qualifications (annual training budget: 4% of payroll):

  • In-house on-the-job training,
  • Training programmes leading to qualifications (vocational certificates, e.g. CQPM),
  • In-house boiler-making training school,
  • Safety clearance examinations (e.g. CACES safe driving certificate),
  • Technical training,
  • Personal development training,
  • Foreign language learning.

We encourage the transfer of skills and expertise and sharing of experience between more senior experienced mentors and new recruits.


  • Extra month's salary
  • Discretionary and mandatory profit sharing
  • Travel allowance
  • Luncheon vouchers
  • Employee shareholding - Works council
  • Funded pension plan
  • Health and welfare insurance
  • Social worker


Staff testimonials

Daniel, Shop foremanDaniel, Shop foreman

"I started at SERAP as an operator-boilermaker. I worked on the first truncated wine-making tanks and was involved in manufacturing the first prototype. I also set up tanks in prestigious vat houses in the Bordeaux region. Today I am a shop foreman and manage about fifty people. Throughout my career SERAP always gave me a say in my choices and provided the training I needed to rise through the ranks. SERAP put its trust in me."

 Cyril, Industrial management controller Cyril, Industrial management controller

"I started out as a Methods technician and then took on the role of Technical data manager. I gained knowledge of each and every one of SERAP's products in all our sectors. SERAP recently created the role of Industrial management controller. I was offered the job and accepted straightaway! I am also undergoing training which ends with a qualification to gain additional skills. SERAP has a wealth of plans and projects and a constant thirst for growth and that is what drives me on. As an employee and shareholder I am aware of the company's vision and strategic ventures and I really feel involved. I can steer my actions as I know where I'm heading, and that reassures me and above all motivates me!"

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