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Our range of milk coolers SERAP - Experts in milk cooling solutions Closed milk coolers from 550 to 30,000 Liters capacities FIRST.SE MILK COOLER FIRST.SC MILK COOLER FIRST.CS MILK COOLER Vertical milk cooler from 10,000 to 40,000 Liters capacities The RAINBOW washing cabinet Open milk coolers from 225 to 2,000 Liters capacities FIRST.S MILK COOLER FIRST.SU MILK COOLER Energy savings during milk cooling ECOTEMP SERATEMP HRU : Heat Recovery Units MILK PRE-COOLING Mobile closed milk coolers Instant milk cooling systems Milk Cans cooler
Wine processing
Our expertise in wine-making Projects Our range of wine-making tanks Wine-making and storage vessels ST truncated tank SC cylindrical tank Compartmented tank SP parallelepipedic tank SE elliptical tank Wine storage tanks Thermal treatment units Mobile Tank Punching down trolley Walkways for wine-making units Heat exchangers Grape harvest cooling tunnel
Industrial processing
Our expertise in industrial process equipment Our equipment for industrial processing
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Our cryogenic freezing equipment Our cryogenics expertise Cryo tunnel - ZF3 Cryogenic tunnel - CFP Cryo immersion unit - CFV First Freeze cooling tunnel Our partner AIR LIQUIDE
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SERAP's ST truncated tank at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium show in Sacramento, CA (USA) Come and find us in 2020 in professional trade shows : wine, animal production, industrial processing ! The SERAP milk cooler viewed by 10,000 people over two days at the Élysée Palace MCC presented at the 4th edition of the CII Cold Chain Awards in New Delhi
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The SERAP milk cooler viewed by 10,000 people over two days at the Élysée Palace

Published on 2020-01-27

On 18 and 19 January 2020, the SERAP Group had the honour of participating in the first major "Made in France" exhibition at the Elysée Palace. SERA...


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